Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Splendid China - Shenzhen

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Splendid China Folk Village is a theme park including Splendid China Miniature Park and China Folk Culture Village, located in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, People's Republic of China. The park's theme reflects the history, culture, art, ancient architecture, customs and habits of 56 nationalities in China.  It is one of the world's largest scenery parks in the amount of scenarios reproduced.

Traditional fashion at Splendid China Folk Village
Splendid China is divided into two parts, a Scenic Spot Area and a Comprehensive Service Area. The first part is a miniature park of China. Here, you can explore the famous Forbidden City, Huangshan Mountains, Yunnan's Stone Forest, Tibet Potala Palace, Terracotta Soldiers and of course the Great Wall of China. This miniature park covers 300 thousand square meters, fully forested with beautiful greenery and flower.

The second part consists of 56 houses, each representing one of the 56 nationalities in China, such as Mongol, Yi, Bai, and Uygur, Miao, including exhibition of their culture, fashion, habits, religion, language and food. There are also the shows at this park such as Uygur women twirl to Turkish music, Miaos dance, a mini skirted Ming Dynasty troupe performs electronic versions of Ming music and dance. There is even a Tibetan rock band. And the Mongol horse battle too here

The park also hosts several theater shows at 5 pm at Impression Theater, it was fantastic well worth staying for. It is a theater Dance and Music show. The performance is in a many episodes to present the cultural of all ethnic groups in China. It is a colorful show. The show was depicting various events in Chinese History such as a horse riding show depicting a battle led by Genghis Khan, Chinese Cultural Show, etc. Some of the shows are only performed on weekends.

performance at Splendid China Folk Village

This park is near by the Windows of The World. It focuses on the Chinese culture and traditional elements while Windows of the world park focuses on the world culture with full of western elements. The park is surrounded by pleasant gardens with many flowers and trees. Consequently walking in Splendid China can be very relaxing. Apart from the miniature buildings and scenic spots, one may see over 50,000 ceramic figures in the different locations.

The Dragon and Phoenix,” at Splendid China

However, if you can stay until the evening, the evening show offers the greatest surprise of all. In the production called “The Dragon and Phoenix,” the entire troupe of entertainers combine their efforts to produce an outstanding and dazzling spectacle in the most amazing and versatile of theatrical settings.

Happy traveling and enjoy your day!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Victoria Park - Hong Kong - the amazing place where people meet

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This is a local park where locals go to exercise from early in the morning.  Do not expect to find scenic and untouched forest at this park, you will be disappointed to find that Victoria Park is more of a centre for activities. However, once you had accepted this you had a great time walking around looking at people playing sport, racing remote-controlled boats, doing Tai Chi etc. You don't need too long to explore the whole place, though.

Victoria Park Sign

While not the most tranquil of parks, it is a good site to take a break from the city streets and motorized traffic. There are few days that it is entirely tranquil in the park (try weekday mornings for the lowest usage), but it is a mostly green space for a stroll. The enclosed birdhouse is interesting to tour - there are many excellent chances to shoot a photo. Also, the fountains are an interesting distraction.

It is located in Causeway Bay, on the north of Hong Kong Island, between Causeway Bay and Tin Hau MTR stations. It is part of Eastern District, along the border with Wan Chai District, bordered by Victoria Park Road and then Victoria Harbour to the north and Causeway Road and Hong Kong Central Library to the south.

Some active facilities with Hire Charge are Tennis Courts, Bowling Green, Swimming Pool Complex, and the rest facilities are free such as: Soccer Pitches, Basketball Courts, Fitness Stations and Jogging Trail, Children Playground and Model Boat Pool


  • Victoria Park is one of the most amazing places where people meet, there are many different ethnic communities in Hong Kong and many of them will meet in Victoria Park. It is nice to see the diversity of this big community.
  • Sunday is usually the Muslim community; people from the different sects of Islam meet in different spots, sharing food, their music, prayers and some even dancing. It is a wonderful sight to see. At one end they have a small market where clothes are sold and some people have professional pictures taken, also some art works.
Victoria Park Hong Kong 
  • The Park, whilst not huge, does provide many peaceful benches and open seating areas to catch up with the Newspapers and there are cafe facilities both within and nearby. The Pacific Coffee Emporium just across the Road being particularly recommended. The gardens are open twenty four hours a day, Beautifully maintained and the ideal place for recharging personal batteries and planning the day ahead.
  • On Sunday, you will also notice groups of Pilipino or Indonesia workers here because they only have a day off on Sunday. 
  • Transport to the park is very convenient as it is just next to the busy Causeway Bay district. Visitors can arrive by MTR, getting off at either Causeway Bay MTR station or Tin Hau station. Dozens of bus routes and the trams also provide convenient access.
  • Admission is free and park Opens 24 hours
Have a nice holiday!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pasar Mayestik

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This famous Pasar Mayestik is located at Kebayoran Baru neighborhood in South Jakarta, Indonesia, the new suburb of Jakarta and housed for a rich citizens. This market offered many good quality fabrics with reasonable price and you can find many professional tailors ready to sew your fabrics to party suit, a ball gown, The Kebaya,  office dress, bad cover, etc.

Pasar Mayestik Jakarta

Like others traditional a market at Jakarta, this market used to be slum, dirty and unorganized, but now, you will be surprise with its appearance. The original one was demolished and replaced by a big modern looking mall full with stalls, nice bathrooms and even a food court. The new one is 10 floors cover 6.905 M2 with air conditioning, escalators, lifts, security with CCTV, mosque, fire extinguisher, and one floor for car park. It houses 2.279 shops that sell variety of products range from anything related to fabric, vast array of batik, sewing supplies to costume making.  The Prices seemed quite decent and you can find a good quality of fabrics too.

First Floor at Pasar Mayestik Jakarta

Tired from shopping, there are still street food vendors occupied the pedestrian, you can try siomai, traditional panecake and so many others.

outside Pasar Mayestik

  • There is a flea market called Taman Puring near Pasar Mayestik.  You can find second hand goods, antiques, new fake brand stuff, tools, and many things.  Make sure the goods before you buy! bargain is advisable.
  • At basement floor you can find vegetable, meats, fruits and  others stalls. At ground floor, most of stall sold fashion. At first floor, you can find gold stalls, and at second floor, there are many tailors and garment and fabrics.
  • You can find some ethnic-Indian shops for making a Sari including a nice Indian seamstress.
  • Be ready to bargain. It is expected and you can usually get discounts, especially if you buy several pieces of fabric from the same store and activelly ask the owner to discount your shops.
  • Be willing to browse and browse until you find what you are looking for and sometime you will find the treasure you have been seeking if you look past the apparent chaos.
  • It is wise to be aware of your surroundings and make sure all your bags are closed.
  • Get there early. The shopkeepers are willing to help you and the crowds and the heat are bearable.
  • To avoid the biggest crowds, avoid the weeks preceding Idul Fitri and Christmas. It was  the worst times to visit if you get overwhelmed by the crowds.
Dress makers at Pasar Mayestik
  • This place is a paradise for most anything related to fabric, costume making, crafting and sewing supplies. There are huge variety of buttons and zippers,  all things ribbon,  appliqu├ęs, buttons many colors and textures, buckles, you name it, you can find it all here! Almost everything is organized by color and material and it’s like a candy shop for sewers.
  • It is best alternate place where people go for fabric shopping in Jakarta other than Tanah Abang. The prices are similar. Tanah Abang is sometimes cheaper but the quality of some materials is better in Pasar Mayestik. The place is less crowded and less traffic jam than Tanah Abang
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