Monday, February 4, 2013

Get wet at Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

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Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure is a raft water ride located in The Lost World zone at Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa, Sentosa Island, Singapore. It is based off the concept of Jurassic Park: The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

It features a white water raft system where riders on circular rafts are tossed along waterways within the Jurassic Park compound, which is home to several animatronic dinosaurs, the ride finishes with riders plunging down from the Hydroelectric Generator compound.

The Ride
The raft first passes Stegosaurus Springs, where a Stegosaurus and its young are grazing on the shore and then passes Parasaurolophus lagoon, where a visible Parasaurolophus and a hidden Parasaurolophus that pops out of the water, shooting water at the riders. The rafting journey was full of surprises and some of the track becomes totally dark.  The most hysterical moment when the raft ascends and stops. A Tyrannosaurus pokes its head through the ceiling and snaps at riders. The vehicle then falls down a slope from a height of 40 feet, drenching the riders.

  • At the journey, there will be water shooting at you. You will get wet but not soak, but you can buy rain coat at this park. 
  • Wrap your camera on with plastic bag and put at your bag. 
  • If you get wet and you have an extra change, then after this ride, continue to waterworld show, plan your schedule accordingly. 
  • Guests must be least 107cm in height to ride. Children 107cm to 122cm must be accompanied by a supervising companion


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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A crate adventure of Madagascar - Universal Studio Singapore

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A crate adventure of Madagascar based on  a famous scene from the first movie Madagascar. After entering the queue, we are confronted with television screens featuring a national television reporter informing guests that Central Park Zoo favourites Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman have gone missing whilst being shipped to Kenya. They are told the ship carrying the animals went missing near the shores of The Cape of Good Hope. Guests board rafts which have signs on the back of them reading "BEWARE OF FOOSA!". 

At the ride, we will see crates each containing Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. The raft makes a turn allowing the guests to see a silhouette of the Captain on board, by then the penguins have escaped plotting their plan. Rico knocks out the captain and he becomes unconscious. Skipper gives instructions as the penguins later take over the ship. The alarm goes off and the raft makes a quick turn to a scene where a stack of crates are about to topple over the guests. The animals' crates can be seen thrown off the ship, making their way to Madagascar. The raft later enters Madagascar where everyone is shocked that they are lost, except for Marty who is seen slurping salt water. The raft makes another turn where guests find the penguins. Skipper then asks Kowalski where they are
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Revenge of the Mummy - Universal Studio - Singapore

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Revenge of the Mummy is a roller coaster that is nearly identical to the version at Universal Studios Florida. However, the Singapore version includes new sounds and effects, as well as a new ending featuring Imhotep being sealed inside his tomb.

Entering the game, we should not bring bag or camera because it can fall or be lost while flying roller coaster. They provide lockers next to this place. Sizable locker to store personal items and use a password for security.

 As the ride begins the mine cars move deeper into the tomb. The words "Find the Book" are scrawled over the walls. As the mine car turns, riders see Evelyn's supervisor being trapped on a table and warns the riders: "Find the Book of the Living and kill Imhotep! It's your only hope!". Standing next to him is Imhotep, who then turns towards riders and sucks out the supervisor's soul. He is holding onto the Book of the Dead.
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Singapore: Universal Studio - Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon roller coaster

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Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon is a pair of steel, dueling roller coasters at Universal Studios Singapore. One half of the ride features an inverted roller coaster track in blue, and the other half features the traditional seated roller coaster track design in red. It is the tallest dueling coaster in the world; tipping at 42.5 metres (139 ft). The roller coaster trains are launched from their stations at high speed instead of the traditional chain lift. Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM) are used for high-acceleration speed during launching. In a similar style to the Dragon Challenge at Universal's Islands of Adventure, these coasters will feature several near collisions mere inches apart. Additionally, part of the ride takes place over the park's central lagoon. The coasters are the first Vekoma coasters that aren't the Flying Dutchman model to feature four-abreast seating, similar to the coasters by Bolliger & Mabillard and Premier Rides.

Battlestar Galactica: Cylon is a suspended roller coaster and travels on an inverted blue track.

The Cylon coaster is a coaster designed like the Cylon Raider suspended from the track with legs free that performs intense maneuvers including several inversions in the form of a zero-g roll, a Cobra roll, corkscrews and vertical loops.
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Transformers The Ride at Universal Studios - Singapore

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Transformers The Ride is 3D dark ride located at Universal Studios Singapore and Universal Studios Hollywood. The ride is based on the Transformers film franchise and is reported to have cost US$100 million.
tourists pose at Robot
The ride system used on Transformer is similar to that used by The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man at Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida, and later at Universal Studios Japan. The ride vehicles are mounted to a track-roaming platform that provides the forward motion to move the vehicle through each show scene.
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Light! Camera! Action! by Steven Spielberg at Universal Studios Singapore

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Lights! Camera! Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg is a show attraction located in the New York zone of Universal Studios Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa.

The action was divided into 2 shows, pre-show which is Steven Spielberg, appearing on a video projection screen, gives a brief introduction to the use of sound stages and special effects in movies. After this short show, we will enter the main sound stage, which is modeled after the interior of a boathouse in New York City. Once the command to roll cameras has been given, the sky (a projection of the NYC skyline outside the boathouse windows) darkens, thunder and lightning fill the room, heavy rain pours through the ceiling.

The audience is immersed in various effects such as strong wind, intense fire, signboards crashing through the roof, the boathouse windows blowing away, movement of the platform they are standing on, and a huge cargo ship slamming through the boathouse entrance.
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Get wet at WaterWorld - Universal Studios - Singapore

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Based on the blockbuster film, "Waterworld", witness a tidal wave of death-defying stunts, along with thrills and spills from real explosions of fire and water at this sensational live water show

The seating is in three sections of arena seating. The front seats are the "Soak Zones", which are the target of splashes from the Jet-Skis and various wet special effects. If you do not want to get wet, even you take the rain coat, so sit at the back of row. It will be announced when the show will start. the crew will spry with water gun or even flush with a bucket of water.

Adapted by Ben Hurst. The attraction's story occurs after the events of the movie, beginning with Helen's return from "Dryland" to get her friends from the "Atoll", and includes the characters Helen, the Deacon, and the Mariner as well as several "Atollers" and "Smokers".
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