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The Calypso - The most popular and unique show at Asiatique - Bangkok

Thailand is well known for their “ladyboys” shows and The Calypso Bangkok Theatre is just the place to visit.  Some of these ‘ladies’ have features that would have made any woman jealous but this is just an attractive illusion; they were all born men.

the uniform show of calypso Bangkok
The Calypso Bangkok is well worth a visit. It is one of the most popular and unique shows in Bangkok as it stars unbelievably beautiful transsexuals and transvestites. These shows are not just about boys who want to be girls throwing on a show. These are seasoned, highly talented performers. This is about great choreography, amazing costuming. Some of which are breath catching! The show treats various "eras" of performance, reflected by the music and the costuming

Calypso ticket
Currently Calypso Bangkok Theater has moved to Asiatique; The Riverfront - Warehouse No.3, the new travel destination in Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River. Asiatique is the perfect location for Cabaret Calypso as this part of town has also gone through a huge transformation. The attempt to recreate a night market on a pier from times gone by seems a little manufactured, but with over 1,500 small boutique shops,  40 restaurants  and faux vintage set-up, the place gives the best panoramic view of the Chaopraya River for photo opportunities.

The easiest and fastest way to get there is via boat. Take the BTS to Sapphan Taksin and jump on the free shuttle at the end of the pier. It only takes ten minutes to get there, and the boat runs until 23:30 allowing you time to get back too.

the opening show of calypso bangkok
The show caters for tourists of all nationalities with songs in Korean, Japanese (a very humorous geisha who will dedicate her performance to an embarrassed and bemused member of the audience), Chinese (a poignant ballad), English (Tina Turner, Michael Jackson), and, of course, Thai. The cabaret was like a Broadway show but it was lip-synced and it went for 1 1/4 hours.

GEISHA: Try not to laugh – the calypso Japanese classic
The theatre sits near the town square, with rainbow neon lights beckoning the audience in. Everything is scarlet: the chairs, lighting, wallpaper, making it feel a little intense at times.  All of the seats with groups of five around each table give you a great view of the stage. You get a small table upon which you can place you glasses and you can keep ordering drinks if you want to.

The Elvis show at Calypso Bangkok
You can take pictures or a video to show your friends back home. When you exit the cabaret you will see the cast lined up and you may have your picture taken with the ladyboys!  Prepared somel 100 Baht notes for the tip, usually 100-200 Bahts per ladyboy, sometimes 2 or 3 ladyboys can come to your side

grandma and gorgeous "lady"

Here some of the shows:
  • OPENING: A magnificent presentation of female beauty and evening gowns of fantastic grandezza. 
  • ELVIS: The Elvis and CALYPSO’s most beautiful groupies. 
  • THE BIRDS & THE BOYS: An ostrich festival 
  • MUSIC-HALL: A joyful medley of the alltime favourites of yore. 
  • MISTY: A tour de force of talent, energy and youth. 
  • BLOSSOM: 1 woman and 3 men and she is winning. 
  • BURLESQUE: No need to name her - she’s just ravishing. 
full moon at Calypso Bangkok
  • GEISHA: Try not to laugh – the calypso Japanese classic. 
  • MARILYN: Your eyes will pop - the incredible icon, made in CALYPSO! 
  • TACO: A sophisticated fatamorgana - beautifully daring. 
  • KINNAREE:  tribute to classical THAI DANCE with that typical CALYPSO twist: contemporary. 
  • RIRANG:  interpretation of the touching Korean classic in a haunting rendition. 
  • ALL THAT JAZZ: A never aging or ending sensation of pizzazz in motion. 
  • HONEY RAG: 2 girls 1 rhythm – inseparable – a feast of joy. 
  • THE FLOW OF THE RIVER: the most beloved and admired Japanese song of wisdom of life 
  • THE BLUE LADY: try not to love her – a hilarious gal 
  • FINALE: each and every one on stage in sparkling gowns and tails with high steps & spirits - THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOWBUSINESS
the finale -  calypso Bangkok


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