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Visit The Coins and Notes Museum while shopping at Chinatown Singapore

The Singapore Coins and Notes Museum is located at 40 Pagoda Street, Singapore.  While shopping at Chinatown, you can also visit it as a one of your destinations in your itinerary.  It is the Singapore only museum dedicated to displaying currency. Through their exhibits, you will have a journey through a world of coins and notes from the earliest objects used for barter trade to the latest cutting-edge polymer notes.

Coins and Notes Museum at night

The museum has 2 floors. At first one you can find ancient currencies, the history of currency used in Singapore, and the coins & medallions of today, whilst the other features the different cultural usage of coins as well as a video presentation on the minting of coins. They also offer a minting service whereby visitors can obtain their own souvenir coin for some prices.

The museum also showcases the earliest coins used in Singapore, which were foreign in origin and brought here through trade. These came from as far such Holland, and remained in use even after indigenous coins surfaced in the region. Some consider the Spanish dollar, widely used in the East Indies and other parts of the world during the 19th century, was the first truly global currency.

showcase of Coins and Notes Museum Singapore

The museum also exhibits more recent currencies such as that produced in 1938 by the Board of Commissioners of Currencies of Malaya. Following the onset of the Japanese Occupation in 1942, this production was stopped abruptly.

The highlight of the exhibition, however, are the uniquely designed Singapore coins and notes that have been produced for circulation since Singapore’s independence in 1965.

The Board of Commissioners of Currency was set up in 1967, for there was great urgency to produce Singapore’s own currency at the time. Since its inception, two series of coins and of notes have thus far been issued for national circulation.

level 1 - Coins and Notes Museum Singapore

The smallest coin in the museum is a Majapahit gold coin-like piece with a stamped design.
It is suspected to have originated from as far back as 800 years ago, a product of the Majapahit empire centred in Java, Indonesia, from the 13th to 16th centuries. Until today, ‘coins’ like this are still being uncovered throughout Southeast Asia, proof of the empire’s bygone influence.

Coins and Notes Museum Singapore

Spare some time for the museum’s shop, as it is literally a treasure trove. There you can purchase commemorative coins and medallions, currency memorabilia and other souvenirs.

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