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Jalan Alor - Kuala Lumpur - for the atmosphere and the experience local culinary

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Jalan Alor is popular among the locals and tourists for offering food served in a traditional open-air atmosphere, with chairs and tables dotting the curbs and road-sides. It is an entire street dedicated to cheap hawker food of mainly local Chinese cuisines. While some hawkers erect stalls along curbs, others operate food stalls from utilitarian restaurants. At night, the place has a very festive atmosphere with red lanterns strung along lamp posts and quite a bit of traffic. The place is teeming with tourists who are looking for a taste of genuine Malaysian cuisine without the high price tag

jalan alor - kuala lumpur

Jalan Alor is a short walk away from the modern shopper’s paradise of the Bukit Bintang Walk and its many malls and plazas. This is a place burgeoning with activity both during night and day. It is quite an overwhelming experience for the first timers, who may have some difficulty on deciding where to eat. . It's generally filled with mostly tourists because they've read about the "experience" of "hawker food stalls". There is a wide array of food to choose from, some of the best being the grilled fresh seafood.

bubble tea stand at jalan alor

You can see hawker stands selling durian fruits, sweetcorn bbq, fried chestnut and bubble ice tea. The culinary are varies, you can try barbecued meats, hanging roasted ducks, hokkien mee, grilled fish, Chinese noodle, fried rice, chicken satay, sweet and sour chicken, the local delicacy Stingray, the sea bass and red snapper came in a garlic and chilly marinade, the garlic kangkong, perhaps the penang fried kway teow and so on. The steamed vegetables, salad and fresh coconut drinks all complemented the fish very well. they will cook for on a big fire and the soup has a good pepper taste and best chicken wings

night live at jalan alor

  • They will roller grill fishes on fire but you have to be patience to wait for yours to be ready
  • For the atmosphere and the experience, this is as a must-try street culinary for first-time visitors to KL.
  • The food is great at an average price. It is not cheap but it is not that expensive. 
  • They are selling Durian. It smells odd, but it tastes different. Please don't do this if you have been drinking a beer. it could be one of your worst days.
  • It’s easiest to arrive at the Bukit Bintang monorail stop and walk along Bukit Bintang. When you're about the KFC you have to go left and than you have to walk 20 meters and turn to the left.
  • Jalan Alor is a street full of Malaysian authentic food like curry laksa, assam laksa etc. It should be an amazing scene for trying Malaysian local foods.
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