Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jalan Surabaya an antique shops at Jakarta

Jalan Surabaya is a flea market that well known for the antiques goods.  Jalan Surabaya itself is located at the Menteng residential area, at the Central of Jakarta. The Menteng area is a new urban design developed in the 1910s to become a residential area for Dutch people and high officials. This area has become one of the most expensive areas for residential real estate in Jakarta. Several important people such as former president Suharto take up residence in Menteng. The President of the United States Barack Obama spent his childhood in Menteng, attending local schools including Besuki Public Schooland St. Francis of Assisi School.

antique shops at Jalan Surabaya

You can see kiosks/shops along the Surabaya Street. It has been existed since 1974. There are about 180 or so stalls in a 500-meter line on left side of the narrow street. It sells various items that usually attract collectors, historians or those who simply want an extra touch of authenticity in their living room. 

antique shops at Jalan Surabaya
Some stalls has specialty on antique goods. You can find stalls sell only porcelains with variety models and ages while others only sell books or cassette / phonograph records, or specialized on selling bags and suitcases. However, many stalls sell variety antique staffs. You can find stuffs  like wayang, porcelain, wooden sculptures, mask, eating utensils made of silver and brass, antique lamp, metal souvenirs, old fashioned ornaments, old telephone, old camera, old woven cloth, phonograph record, and some others.

old gramophone at Jalan Surabaya


  • The antique goods do not have prices. It depends on the rarity of its models or age of the goods or quality of it. So browse around if you already know what to buy. You need to bargain when you want to buy it. Do not forget to do price comparison between one shop to another.

old cameras and Books at Jalan Surabaya

  • There are some goods been replicated to the original one, but some time there are some modification on antique goods. So if you know the antique goods you can test your experiences in here otherwise better to bring someone who understands about antiques when you visit Jalan Surabaya.
  • Take a bajaj or taxi to here, it will be very complicated to reach Jalan Surabaya by public transportation. 

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