Friday, February 8, 2013

Visit to Kampung Gajah Wonderland - North Bandung

The northern part of Bandung is a mountainous area with beautiful nature. This area has a lot of tourism object that can be visited where one of them is the Kampung Gajah Wonderland, located at Km 3.8 Sersan Bajuri Road. If you’re coming from Bandung, take a left turn to Lembang right after Ledeng bus terminal.

Kampung Gajah
Kampung Gajah brings the concept of one-stop recreation for children and adults. With an entrance fee of Rp 20 thousand, and attraction combo ticket Rp 150 thousand for weekdays and Rp 200 thousand on weekends and holiday.

There are about 36 rides at 60 acres area that you can explore. There's Formula go kart, Sky View, Cross, Segway, 4D Rider, Delman Royal, Mini ATV. There are also adrenaline games such as ATV Adventure, Tubby Slide, Sky Rider, and more. Kids can play at children playground or at Teletubbies house. They also can enjoy pony riding or drive mini go cart. But if you are looking for the elephant riding, this place just only has elephant statue at its entry (I think they give name of this park as a kampung gajah from this statue). Just nice for taking photo with it.

mini formula go kart

Kampung Gajah also offers a Water theme park that will bring more excitement for you and your children.  Prepare to bring the changes. Since Kampung Gajah is located at the highlands, the weather is usually cool.

phony riding at kampung gajah

This place also has many types of local, oriental and western culinary, you can try snacks such as dumplings, batagor, grilled sausages, Lolly ice, jelly ice and Sundanese food available there. Enjoy the food with mountain view.

Happy Holiday.

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