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The Mekarsari Park, who those love the green plants

Mekarsari Park is an exotic garden which has various types of fruit plants collection from many regions in Indonesia. This park is one of the centers of biodiversity conservation of tropical fruits in the world, particularly fruits in Indonesia. It is as well as a place of cultivation research (agronomy), breeding and multiplication of seeds which then disseminated to farmers and the general public .

credit photo: - Mekarsari view from Tower of View

Mekarsari Park collects thousands of species of plants of many kinds. This place has a laboratory that produces excellent fruit crops such as pineapples, guava, star fruits, honeydew and many more.  One of the laboratory product is a hybrid between cempedak and jackfruit called nangkadak, cempeka and pedakka. Very distinctive flavor and sweet aroma as cempedak but looks more like a jackfruit.

credit photo

The park is approximately 13 kilometers from Cibubur toll gate,  located on the main road between Cileungsi and Jonggol. It is relatively easy to reach from Jakarta, Bogor or Bekasi. It took  about one hour from Jakarta to go to this place.

With an area of 264 acres, this park has many spots that you can enjoy, such as Family Garden, 27 hectares of recreation Lake, Baby Zoo, spotted deer, Garden Center, Greenhouse, Outbound area, carrion flowers, Kids Fun Valley, Tower of View, and Waterfall building known as Tirto Puri Sari. This waterfall is one of the favorite places visitors, especially for children; here they could see a waterfall pouring from the house shaped building, very pleasant.

credit photo

Visitors are invited to tour the park and try the freshest harvest.  Hope on the park train and go around to visit the greenhouses of  honeydews (melon), snakefruits, starfruits and sawo/sapodilla garden (sapodilla durian, sapodilla alkesa, and sapodilla abiu). Visitors are allowed to taste the fruits while learning about the cultivation of that fruit at the same time and can also buy the harvest straight from the greenhouse/farms..

credit photo

Mekarsari Park provides rented bicycle for cycling around the park. It has an outbound facility too and various water rides at lake such as banana boat, dragon boat, water bike, aqua bike, floating donuts, giant bubble, to canoeing. Extra charges start from IDR 20,000

Mekersari park launched "Water Kingdom Mekarsari" who claimed to be the largest water park in Asia. This place has an area of 5.2 hectares and connected directly to the lake area of 27 hectares. There were 12 water rides game consists of eight pool, four slides and a water sports.

  • Mekarsari Park recently launched tourist train ride called "Fruity World Tour" since the beginning of March 2012. By simply paying 10,000, visitors will be taken around  Mekarsari for 30-minute train ride tours and information about the places visited.
  • The best place to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with friends is on the edge of Lake Cipicung, if the weather permits, you can arrange to have a picnic with your family.
  • Visit the "Garden Paradiso" for an affordable bonsai collection.

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