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Play on beach wave pool at Ocean Park - BSD City

Bumi Serpong Damai, known as BSD City,  is a real estate located at west side of Jakarta. It is at a suburb area.  BSD is a city designed around one thing: the people who will live, work and play here. People who will experience an unparalleled Quality of Life as comfortable homes, business spaces, shopping, education and leisure all come together to provide a better, healthier environment in which to live.

ocean park bsd

One of the recreational park is Ocean Park. This water theme park is located at the central of BSD. The place can be easily recognized by the giant octopus on it’s roof.

It’s lobby serves food and drink stalls and ticket booth. there is also restaurant while entering the lobby. The water park is quite large, there are varieties of outbound water based game, a Flying Fox game and trampoline.

entrance to pool
This place is a family recreational park, you can bring your little ones for a fun water play, no kids can resist playing with water. Ocean Park has a shallow kiddie pool for toddlers where they can have fun just walking around the pool or play with the water canon, spray, sliding etc.

There's also a kids pool next to the toddler pool where bigger kids can play there, however no tube allowed in this pool.  In this pool, kids usually gather around the play arena where there's a giant pail that will spill a huge splash of water whenever the pail is already full with water.  The shrieking of the kids getting splashed and their wide grins is a sight to enjoy.

kids pool

For a different experience, move to the farther pools at the back where the area is actually a lot bigger than the kids pools at the front side.  In this area, there's a high water sliding where you can slide side by side with three other persons, however you must be at a certain minimum height to be able to play in this slide.


There's a also two great sliding tube where you can slide together with friends, however, a precaution, as these sliding comes out to a deeper pool, make sure there's someone down in the pool to catch your kids when they emerge from the slide.

The biggest and perhaps most sought after pool in Ocean Park is actually the wave pool.  The design of this pool is made to a liking of a white sandy beach, and the wave will be set at one hour interval.  Usually the park will sound a siren to alert all visitors that wave pool is about to start so people will rush to the pool to enjoy the wave with their tube.  The wave is actually quite strong, so if you're taking your toddlers, it's best to stay at the shallow side of the pool.

beach pool

After the wave subsided, get into the river pool where you can still ride the wave lazily on top of your tube.  If you're tired of playing, rest a while and order some drink or snacks, many of of the food stall attendants there will go around and offered to take your orders and deliver it to you, so you don't have to go around to search for food or drink. You can also play the trampoline and flying fox inside the park for free.

For safekeeping, lockers are available for rent.  However, it is advisable to leave your valuables at home and bring only the necessary things to the park.

  • Check for the promotional tickets, usually the park will offer a good promotion of buy 1 get 1 ticket for certain credit card holders
  • This park can be overcrowded at weekend or holiday, usually it will start to get crowded after 10am
  • No outside food or drink allowed except for baby, the security will check your bag
  • Although safe guards are available, never leave your kids unattended
  • Since it is at tropical area, come early and hinder the direct sun at noon.
  • just don’t forget to bring some sun block if you don’t plan to get some natural tanning ‘treatment’ here

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