Thursday, February 21, 2013

Desa Gumati - a different atmosphere from the everyday restaurants in Jakarta

Sentul is located between Jakarta and Bogor, popular for its international racing circuit and the music concert hall.  However, surrounding the Sentul area, there are housings and shopping area as well.  Sentul is the alternative route that you can take to go to Puncak to avoid the crowded traffic during weekends or holidays.

desa gumati resto

Located approx. 15 minutes from the Sentul toll gate (Jagorawi Highways), there is a cafĂ© and restaurant called Desa Gumati.  It s located at 16th Cijulang Street, Bogor.   Inspired by its name, Desa Gumati which means Gumati village, the concept of the restaurant is to give the ambience of a village with a touch of Java and Bali ethnic combination.  Desa Gumati provides many facilities such as pony rides, fishing, ATV and lodging too.

bridge at desa gumati resto

Kids will love to drive ATV around the village tracks, pony rides and Delman ride.

delman ride at desa gumati

There is a small lake at Desa Gumati, you can play the water bikes or water balloon with your kids at here too.

raw a boat at gumati lake

The menu is mostly Indonesian Sundanese, their signature dish is the Sambal Goreng Gumati  (fried sambal) and the Teh Poci (hot tea brewed in a clay pot).

Surrounding the restaurants there are fish ponds where kids can feed fishes while waiting for their meals to come.

kid game at desa gumati

So if you want to have a change of atmosphere from the everyday restaurants in Jakarta and some fresh air too, Desa Gumati might be a good choice.

Happy holiday!

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  1. Desa Gumati menu " Ayam Jeletot " nya.....
    Sadiisss banget..mantabbbbb....

  2. Terima kasih atas info Ayam Jeletot nya. Memang Mantabb.....


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