Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Beautiful Butterfly Garden at Curug Cilember

Curug Cilember also known as " Seven Waterfalls at Cilember area" is a tourism area with natural tourism concept. This area offers  the beauty, coolness and green tropical rain forest  at  700m - 1,010m above sea level with temperature around  15° - 25° C. Its main attraction is 7 (seven) waterfalls. The area is located at Hambalang hill – Cisarua, that is only ± 25 km from the city of Bogor and ± 100 km from the city Jakarta.

Butterfly Garden dome-shaped house

At the entrance of this park, you will find a beautiful Butterfly Garden dome-shaped house. Area  occupied is  500 m2. There are about 12 species of wildlife native Butterflies here, namely: Papilio Memnon, heulena Papilio, Papilio polytes, Papilio demoleus, Troides helena, Troides ampisus, Atrophaneura aristolocia, Graphium Agamemnon, Graphium sarpedon, Euploea Mulciber, Elymnias hypermnesta and Attacus atlas.

caterpillar on hand

For those who want to spend the night here, there are tree camping grounds and jungle lodges, i.e.:  the valley of ferns, waterfall five and waterfall seven. If you don’t bring your camping tent and equipment (mattresses, sleeping bed, extra bed and light storm), you could also rent those at here.

hanging bridge
The camping ground has a good view with overlooking of waterfalls, rivers and forests. Gurgling sounds of the waterfalls and rivers and pine leaves blown by  the wind would accompany your sleep, giving the sensation of its own and makes a new experience amid the routine and busyness of our everyday.

one of the seven waterfalls at curug cilemeber
Although there's seven waterfalls, but only a few reachable and therefore mostly visited.  the other waterfalls's location are not easily accessible as it will requires a lot of hiking and efforts.

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