Saturday, January 5, 2013

Watching a gorgeus sunset at Umang Island - Ujung Kulon

Umang Island is a resort on a private island with an area of ​​5 hectares and 183 km from the city of Jakarta. The island is located at the west tip of Java island and close to mounth Rakata (son of mt Krakatoa). I was in Pulau Umang for the outbound event in December 2010.

Actually the trip to Umang just take 3 to 4 hours, however some of the roads there were so bad that the travel time took up to 6 hours. From Jakarta via Merak toll road, exit at the East Serang gate, heading toward Pandeglang, after that we headed to the town of Labuan. For a guide, you should take a GPS device or GPS-equipped smartphones. From this point, we begin the journey that will be very tiring, winding road and yet not boring.

Umang island itself is a resort and filled with the cottages, there is no local houses there, the cottage is located in the middle of the island, surrounded by white sand and some beach with coral reefs and mangroves. The hotel lobby, front desk and restaurant are also shaped similar to the opera house in Australia, but in the smaller version. In front of the lobby there is a swimming pool and a pier to and from the main island.

Umang island is not a crowded and bustling island, a perfect place for people who wants to flee from the daily routine, we can enjoy the beach with white sand and breath the fresh air of ocean. We can also take pictures with the beautiful small white clouds on the horizon. Sunset here is very beautiful. Don't go yet after the sunset, enjoy the blue hour which is a good time to take pictures. use a tripod for low light.

Oar Island
Another activity is the snorkling and swimming at the beach on the island oar, a nearby island which is only a 5 minute boat ride. besides there are banana boat and jet ski that can be rented.

Walking on beach araound Oar Island is fun too. We can find many unique corrals shape and umang umang (hermit crabs).

please review on other travelers on web before you plan to here.



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