Wednesday, January 2, 2013

taking a photo at inside car

Some times, we see an interesting object while driving car or when we sit at car while waiting for someone. You can park your car for a while, get your camera and take a shoot to the object. However, of course,  you should care of the traffics for your safeness and others.

sunset at rear mirror
the above picture taken when I drove home. I found the beautiful sunset when I see the rear mirror. The road was empty and I had a chance to stop for a while.

at car wash machine
This picture above was taken while on the automatic car wash. Take dashboard to frame it. Effects of running water on the windshieldthe image becomes blurry, but the results are amazing.

at traffic jam
On the way home from a vacation at the Highlands areafoggy weather and traffic jams. In front of the car there was a merchant who peddle snacks. An interesting object to be photographed

at car park while raining heavily
At the car park and were heavy rainscan not get out because there was no umbrella in the carBlur images and sparkling lights from front stores make the image very beautiful.

cloud over the billboard

Waiting from traffic lights and crowded streets at after office hours. I saw beautiful clouds above is very good. I did not waste this occasion, immediately took the camera that always stand by.

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