Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Budget Hotel at Sostrowijayan Street - Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Sosrowijayan is the name of the street near the Malioboro street, this street famous for its specialty with limited buget hotel, homestay and inn, same as the Poppies Lane in Kuta, Bali, this area is frequented visited by both local and foreign backpackers.

surrounding sostrowijayan area
Sosrowijayan street is a very strategic, which is located just less than 1 mile from Train Station "Tugu", so get off the train, walk a minute, then arriving at the inn. Beside that, the place behind the crowded center of Yogyakarta, Malioboro, making Sosrowijayan more interesting place to stay.

gang sostrowijayan 
Tourist services are also easily found in Sosrowijayan. On the roadside there are many money changer, internet and telecommunication, motorbike and car rental, travel agents, and so on. When you are hungry, you can go to resto, which opened by this villagers. which serve dishes such as rice, fried noodles, fried fish, fried chicken. There are also restaurants that offer western cuisine at affordable prices.
mounth Merapi from sostrowijayan view
There are bookshops that provide used English novels and local novels. You can choose books freely while viewing contents at a glance because no plastic sealed. Although used books, the physical quality of the book is still good, so the book is still worth to be collected. The price varies, but certainly cheaper than at the bookstore.

rickshaw pullers
Please be careful of rickshaw pullers offer to drive you traveled around the city for a fee of Rp. 5000 (even less than that). Many incidents where tourists are taken around and "forced" to buy souvenirs in the shops were visited by unscrupulous rickshaw puller will get 50% commission from the transaction. Another incident was unilaterally raised rates on the move. If you experience the above incident, please ask for help on Tourism Police.

reference: http://www.yogyes.com/id/yogyakarta-tourism-object/neighborhood/sosrowijayan/ 

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