Sunday, January 13, 2013

9 tips for renting an apartment at Hong Kong

There are various kind of options for places to stay in Hong Kong, ranging from luxury hotels, star hotels, hostels, backpackers / guest house to an apartment. Location of the places was also influential in choosing the places. The accommodation is spread almost all over Hong Kong, but the majority located in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. The Limited land available has caused property prices to be very expensive. Buildings in here mostly comprises a slim tall buildings with small size and efficient.

Daily rent apartment option is workable alternative if our budget is limited, especially if we are traveling with a family. However, not so many apartements can be rented due to their regulation. Some of the apartment owner offer their places at web sites, ask for the rate they offer, review the pros and cons of previous tenants if any. Do it before we decided to rent.
Some points based on our experiences on choosing to rent apartment instead of staying at hotel when travelled along with kids:
  • Kids are more comfortable and feel at home. Usually a rented apartment has a living room furnished with a sofa and televison sets. They can play as well as at home.
  • We can save costs because we can cook ourselves. Find an apartment that has a kitchen set as they usually come with cooking utensils. Shop at the supermarket for cooking needs.

Tips below for you when choosing apartment there:
  1. Choose apartment that has easy access (MRT, bus stops, etc). Good location means less hassle for transportation and cheaper cost.
  2. Find out whether the apartment is rented by rooms or whole apartment. If you want privacy and travelling with family, you might want to look for a smaller apartment, i.e. two bedrooms only, but you can book the whole apartment for yourselves. If you book per room only, make sure you know whether the bathroom is private or shared.
  3. If you travelling with kids, go for an apartment that has the most complete amenities, i.e. kitchen, kitchen utensils, rice cooker, washing machine, etc.
  4. Find an apartment at least 6 months before departure especially during the school holidays, this will give you ample choices and not to mention, cheaper price.
  5. Choose a reliable booking website. Browse as many as you can to look for apartments for rent and find the place according to your budget, number of family members and time to go there also affect the rental price
  6. Read reviews from people who had stayed there, weigh the pros and con. This information is important for making decisions.
  7. Ask for photographic images in the apartment: the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom if they do not provide on their website.
  8. After paying rent, inquire about the details transportation from the airport to the apartment, how to get into the building and where we can find the apartment keys, etc.
  9. Keep proof of transfer and contact numbers / contact person, confirm one day before departure to ensure availability of rooms booked.

Halal food:
In Hong kong, it is rather difficult to find halal food so cooking your own meals can be a good option and you can also pack up some food to be brought for traveling but remember to obey rules in public places to eat.  You can find halal food at Masjid Ammar too.

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  1. These are all great advice for hunting apartments out there! Also, it is important that renters make it a point to choose homes containing practical amenities at the very least besides being accessible. I suggest renters ask help from people they trust who live in the area or just get aid from professionals.

  2. Hi Crossings, thanks for teh suggestions

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