Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stay in Hostel

Accommodation is one of the important things in traveling. A wide range of accommodation on offer such as hotels, inns, guest houses and hostels. if budget is limited, hostels can be a good choice to stay.
The concept of hostel is sharing a room with another guest (dormitory), they provide bunk beds to sleep in, but it is also a shared bathroom, kitchen, lounge and more.

bunk bad at budget hostel

Some tips for staying in hostel:
  • Introduce yourself to the other guests. this will make the atmosphere becomes more friendly and relaxed.
  • Respect other guests. Do not make noise in the room. Do activities outside the room.
  • Do not bring children to stay at the hostel, if do so, ask for a room that we can stay together with children or family
  • Bring your own personal gear. do not borrow another guest toiletries or other tableware. besides not hygienic also lead to conflict
  • Rent a locker to store valuables
  • Bring a flashlight. useful for finding the goods if the room lights were turned off. Mobile phones can also be used if we do not bring a flashlight.
  • Keep clean, clean up our beds, clean the bathroom or kitchen after using it.
  • Put name label in cutlery or drinking utensils if we put it in the refrigerator.

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