Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A crate adventure of Madagascar - Universal Studio Singapore

A crate adventure of Madagascar based on  a famous scene from the first movie Madagascar. After entering the queue, we are confronted with television screens featuring a national television reporter informing guests that Central Park Zoo favourites Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman have gone missing whilst being shipped to Kenya. They are told the ship carrying the animals went missing near the shores of The Cape of Good Hope. Guests board rafts which have signs on the back of them reading "BEWARE OF FOOSA!". 

At the ride, we will see crates each containing Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. The raft makes a turn allowing the guests to see a silhouette of the Captain on board, by then the penguins have escaped plotting their plan. Rico knocks out the captain and he becomes unconscious. Skipper gives instructions as the penguins later take over the ship. The alarm goes off and the raft makes a quick turn to a scene where a stack of crates are about to topple over the guests. The animals' crates can be seen thrown off the ship, making their way to Madagascar. The raft later enters Madagascar where everyone is shocked that they are lost, except for Marty who is seen slurping salt water. The raft makes another turn where guests find the penguins. Skipper then asks Kowalski where they are

Kowalski is unable to tell where they are as the map is "written in code", a reference to Star Wars. The guests will see the animals finding their way around Madagascar. The raft enters through the bushes where they find King Julien and the lemurs having a party and singing I Like to Move It. The raft makes a left turn where Mort is seen dancing. Above him on a rock are foosas. One of them is sprinkling salt and pepper on to Mort while another holds a fork and knife ready for him to be their meal. The lemurs and the rest of the gang later hatch a plan to attack the foosas.

The next scene shows the gang attacking the foosas. As the raft enters a volcano crater, Julien snatches a ball filled with TNT explosives from the penguins, thinking that it is a "toy candle". It later explodes, setting a foosa's head on fire. The animals later celebrate their victory as Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman and the penguins get their luxuries. The ride ends with Marty and Mort squirting water at the guests as the raft makes an exit. At the exit, the penguins can be seen repairing a plane.


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