Thursday, December 27, 2012

Oscar the mascot of Song Of The Sea - Singapore

Song Of The Sea is multimedia / musical fountain that located at Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island, near Beach Station. It is a multi-million dollar sea spectacular that showcases a lively display of pyrotechnics, lasers, water jets that could shoot up to 40 meters, flames, computer animation, captivating music and performance by a 'live' cast

Structure and Equipment
The beach and the sea are the stage for the show. A stretch of wooden houses was built across the shoreline to create a Malay Kampung, or more commonly known as a kelong. It is actually a work of art that is 120 metres (390 ft) long, while the rest of the equipment (water jets, water screens, lasers and projectors) are being hidden at the back of the kelong.
There are a total of 69 water jets capable of reaching a height of 40 m (131 ft) and flames leaping up to a height of 20 m (66 ft). The show has run twice a night at 7.40 pm and 8.40 pm, and lasted 25 minutes.

Princess Ami on song of the sea

The Story
The show starts off with Li and his friends appearing, from a shrub, waving at the audience. One of Li's friends, a young, unnamed Indian girl, asks Li what should they do to entertain the audience. So they thought of singing. They played four different songs of the four different races. Li sits on a rock and daydreams at the kelong. 

one of a final blast of fireworks

The show ends after everyone joins in the singing, and their voices awaken Princess Ami, who is seen above the kelong smiling at the audience, which is followed by a spectacular display of the fountains, laser beams and fireworks. After awakening Princess Ami with his singing powers, Oscar congratulates Li, for his deed, and waves the audience and Li and his friends goodbye, and the show ends with a final blast of fireworks

Be here at least 30 minute before show or you will get long queuing 
Best view to watch this show  is at middle sit.
Bring along your tripod since the show at low light and you need speed to capture this. 
the show is at open air, and it will continue when raining. So, bring your rain coat or umbrella at wet season 

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