Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jakarta: Jakarta Fair

Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) or Jakarta Fair is the largest annual exhibition in Indonesia. Although named "Pekan (week)", usually lasts for one full month from mid-June until mid-July to commemorate the anniversary of the city.

Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) was first held in Monas June 5 to July 20 1968 and was opened by President Soeharto to release the pigeon. At begining PRJ was called DF which stands Djakarta Fair (Old Spelling). Gradually, the spelling changed to Jakarta Fair which was then more popular as the Jakarta Fair. To date every year implementation is never interrupted. From 1968 to 1991 PRJ ever held in the National Monument Park.
DF 69 broke the record for longest PRJ implementation takes 71 daysEven U.S. President Richard Nixon at the time to come to Indonesia, had stopped to DF 69. He stopped at a booth near Mangan Shamsuddin Plaza, had waved to visitors and employees of DF 69.
Exebition of Jakarta Fair or PRJ,  progressing the amount of visitors and participants from year to year were expanded and growth. Than just a night market, "mutate" into Modern exhibition featuring a variety of products. The area were also increasing. From only seven acres at Monas area since 1992, has now moved to the Central Jakarta District Kemayoran which occupies an area of ​​44 hectares.
JFK 2011 was followed by 2600 companies with 1,300 booths, including state-owned enterprises, almost all provinces in Indonesia. Estimates will be attended by 4 million people for 32 days, or 125 thousand visitors per day. Target value of transactions during the exhibition of Rp. 3.5 trillion
A variety of excellent products of domestic small industries, SMEs and cooperatives were on displayed in the largest exhibition event in Southeast Asia. There's furniture, interiors, building materials, automotive, handicraft, garment, sport and health, telecommunications, banking, stationary, computers & electronics, property, cosmetics, food & drink, mobile phones, toys, shoes, branded fashion, leather , branded product, multi-product, services and products owned, creative products, and many other excellent products


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